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Written by Tina Irving   
Sunday, 12 December 2010 08:21
If you are staying in Competa, and want to drive out to some great places, you could drive to Salobrena and Almeria and go "castle hunting". Even if you are not an historian, both castles have some great places for relaxing, walking and taking in the scenery in Spain.

Castillo AlmunecarRomantic Spain, land of castles and fortresses, relics of the Arabs and Romans.  Andalucia, with its image of flamenco and bull fighting.  To the west of Malaga the old Spain has been erased and replaced by the glitzy coastal resorts of Fuengirola and Marbella, better known for their sun drenched beaches and package tours than for their castles.  To the east lie the towns of Nerja, Torrox Cost, Almunecar and Salobrena steeped in history.  In Nerja the caves have drawn visitors since the 1950s but what of the castles of area, and Roman ruins.  Volumes have been written about the palaces of Granada, the last stand of the Moors against the mighty armies of Castille and Aragon led by Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic Kings. Little has been chronicled of the castles of the eastern Costa del Sol, the gateway to North Africa, ripe with piracy in the Middle Ages and attacked by generations of would-be Arab rulers.  The gloss of the travel brochures show scantily clad bodies and relentless sun but nothing of the magnificent peaceful gardens of the castle of Almunecar, Salobrena and Almeria.


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